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A Tear Down


Why I started this

In the fashion industry many (small) brands are kind of lazy in their way of doing business regarding design and manufacturing processes. For example outsourcing production, and using existing brands, and re-label items, and many lazier uncreative weird things happening.

Beside that point, fashion still also negatively impacts a lot of people with difficult to overcome work-structures including bad pay, unhealthy and/or unsafe work-environments, (too young) personnel, too many hours per day. And some other things, like you know the earth and stuff.

A Tear Down™ likes to establish a standard for brands. Simply by designing our own patterns for products, and by manufacturing our own clothing ourselves. In Groningen, the Netherlands.

Like; “Why is making the clothes, not really part of your clothing company?”

Would it be possible? To manufacture our own products? To become fast enough to make the clothing commercially viable, and not cut corners in the finishing of the products, also using dense, heavy, and thick fabrics for long-lasting usage?

After making hundreds of items and improving efficiency in individual tasks and sewing processes. I have continuously found ways to improve the process, to shave off more manufacturing-time per item.

And I’m confident we’ve arrived at a place where we can offer very well put together clothing-items, thick and premium fabrics, with attention to detail in the finishing, from also the inside of the garment, and of course the outside.

Now offering a diverse selection of (winter) product categories, fabrics, and some extremely warm items.

I hope you will consider trying one of our products.

And if you’d like to help us grow, you can follow us, and give us feedback through info@ateardown.com

-Founder A Tear Down™
27 November 2023


We have 2 main collections: (Fall/Winter, and Spring/Summer)
Once they have been released, both collections will remain available.

We will add new models/categories from time to time.

Our main collections consist of minimal branding, only a brand-tag inside, and the embroidery ‘tear’-logo on the left-side of the hood or trouser-leg.

And we’re looking into doing small collection-drops with specific themed branding.

For more information and/or upcoming releases watch our Timeline on the bottom of the website homepage.

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